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So this has been a very emotional week for boybands, something that I did not ask for! Cross Gene decided to molest themselves, The evil sweetfaced french sisters (also known as Clem and Val ilu) pushed me into the rabbit hole that was History, AND THE BOSS HAD A COMEBACK AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF MOURNING WHEN WE WERE JUST ABOUT READY TO MOVE ON.

That eventful morning I managed to incept Jamie into becoming a fan and she of course demanded an intro post. I'd like to remind you that I am 1. Not Joanne, which leads to 2. a lazy bitch, so therefore 3 is that this will be the tiniest pimp post you will ever see.

Have fun:


Dae Guk Nam Ah or DGNA or The BOSS is a Korean Boyband who debuted in 2010. Dae Guk Nam Ah is translated to "The Boys of Super Space" which explains their international name The BOSS. All of the members used to be in XING or doing other activities under XING ent. in 2010 however they debuted under Open World Ent.

Most people who will talk about them will state that they are exeptionally underrated, with great vocals and dancing skills, but have somehow ended up falling off the radar in Korea. They are though fairly well known in Japan (as Daikoko Danji) where they have had most of their activities. They are nicknamed by many as "The second DBSK".

Two years ago, right before their long awaited Korean comeback, the CEO of Open World Ent. was arrested for a number of sex crimes against female trainees (when some of them were underage). May he burn in the darkest and most painful pits of hell.

They are now signed under POOM Ent. and have now had their first Korean comeback in years with 'Why Goodbye'.

The members:

Mika (Lee Suhoon, 1990-06-28): Power vocal leader, awkward, huge weirdo, actually a bully, looks like count Dracula in his sleep, forehead for miles, inconsistent eyebrows, one questionable instagram update away from becoming Kim Jaejoong.

Karam (Park Hyunchul, 1991-06-28): Highest level in the U-Know Yunho fanclub, nicknamed "God's face", huge failboat, gets smacked around by noonas, resident food monster, shares birthday, height and bloodtype with Mika, Baby you just wanna protect***, secretly a badass, (say the word 'YunJae lovechild' and YOU DIE), prettier in a dress than you'll ever be

Hyunmin (Woo Hyunmin, 1991-07-22): God of the husky voice, potato, used to hate his voice but got over it, putting him and Mika together should be done at your own risk, did I mention GOD OF THE HUSKY VOICE?, eats bugs, hot damn, the second instagram fiend, boner for Beethoven, all that bleach prob got to his brain at some point

Injun (Lee Injun, 1992-03-09): Beatboxer, wannabe MC, resident loudmouth, fashion terrorist, trains at the Hyunmin school of instagram, cute cheeks, Fabio, instigator of trouble, don't seem to have much to say about this one but he's a cutie and ilh

Jay (Jeon Jihwan, 1994-03-31): Poppin' prodigy, gullible little sucker, girl group enthusiast, innocent little cutie that suddenly got painfully hot (WHAT HAPPENED?), and also developed a love for turtlenecks, should have long hair always (Noona's not ok here), Mika's not-so-secret fave baby, DID I MENTION DANCE?

*** I did not want to include the link to the original article about Karam's past sexual harrassment due to 1. it's from AKP and 2. AKP took it upon themselves to include some incredibly gross comments of the victim-blaming and phobic nature, so yeah. But here's what Karam said concerning his past harrassment and how he feels about it now:

“This is why I don’t like older guys coming close to me to make even a slight body contact. Not to the level where I push them away, but I don’t feel comfortable. There have been many other unbelievable things I had to go through.”

Singing: In which I share my fave YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE videos of these dudes' voices!

Ain't no sunshine (Acapella):

Down - Jay Sean


Propose (Noel Cover)

Lady (go fall in love with Hyunmin's high note)

Just gonna leave this here

Well folks, that's all you're gonna get from me! Have fun and go stan!


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